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Mar 15, 2011 12:00pm EDT
reiterated u.s. support for japan today. >> like all americans i continue to be heartbroken by the images of devastation in japan. i know all of you young and old have been watching the full magnitude of this tragedy unfold i want to reiterate america's support for the people of japan who are some of our closest friends and allies. i've said directly to the prime minister of japan that the united states will continue to offer any assistance we can as japan recovers from multiple did sasers and we will stand with the people of japan in the difficult days ahead. >> rose: joining me by phone from japan, from sendai, cnn's anna coren, she has been covering the devastation from the epicenter, sendai city. i am pleased to have her on this broadcast this evening. thank you. >> rose: you're very welcome, charlie. >> rose: tell me what we should know about the situation on the ground? >> well, we've been a little north of sendai in the last couple days and that's where we've seen mass devastation on an enormous scale house after house, street after street has been wiped out. and the power of the t
Mar 16, 2011 12:00pm EDT
our defense department knows how to do this but i think, you have to take out u.s. troops first before we can do anything. regional stability is extremely important and you have to bring in the region and talk about how you move forward. but that means our troops have to get out. and the cost, in addition the human costs, you look at the dollars, the trailians trailia- trillions of dollars and as longs war going on that isn't going to happen. >> charlie: you want legislation to cut off funding -- >> cut off funding for future operations in a began stan. i want funding there to protect the troops. anything they need, they performed well. they should be reported so whatever it takes to protect and support the troops we need to fund as well as the contractors. but we need to send this funding in and we need to do that and use the funding whatever we appropriate to begin withdrawing and we need to do that quickly. not in 2011 but we need to begin a massive drop down. >> charlie: what do you think of general gates. >> he's been very bold and he's made some statements and tried to help mo
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2